In recent years, websites are accessed through lot bunch of devices like Smart Phones, Tablets etc. So websites just does not sit on desktop anymore. Conventional websites are not fit to provide optimal viewing experience across all these devices and platforms.

It is practically infeasible and cost-effective to design a Mobile website targeting each device. It is hard to maintain all websites and it’s also undesirable for any website owner to have separate websites and URLs for each latest devices. If you think with SEO perspective it is not right thing to have multiple website with duplicate content.


Responsive web design adapts use of CSS3, HTML5, media queries, jQuery mobile and fluid grids to provide optimal viewing experience across all various platforms and screen sizes. There are various factors that can be used to find out about devices screen size and provide optimal view accordingly.

There are various advantages of having Responsive websites than Mobile websites.

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  • Single website for multiple devices and platforms.
  • No fear of duplicate content unlike Mobile website.
  • With only a website for all devices, you end up with less cost of maintenance.
  • No matter, what device website is access from – user gets similar viewing experience.

At iSpace TechnoLabs, we understand that Responsive Websites are fast becoming an Industry standard and we intended to be cutting edge of this new phenomena. If you wish to upgrade your existing website into Responsive website or want to start a new Responsive website from scratch, you are at right place.